Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It Blanket…the beginning

I’ve always been drawn to the “square a day”, or “square a week” type projects.  The ever-growing pile of squares must evoke such a sense of achievement, and I like the fact that the blankets are made up of several (hundred in some case!) “Mini-Projects”…perfect for working on while on the bus, bored at work, or during a 4 hour wait at A and E (accident prone?  Moi?)


I could spend hours looking at projects such as thisthis and this.


I run into problems, however, with the “one a week”, or “one a day” thing.  Some days I can spend twelve straight hours crocheting, then life, chaos, cats or trips to A and E get in the way, and I may not pick up my hook for a week!


Hence the “Whenever I feel like it” title of this project.  I’ll aim to complete at least one square a week- and if I don’t…then…meh!  It’ll get finished eventually!  It better had…this blanket is a request from The Sensible One, so she needs it sometime in the next century…


Number of squares, joining, borders, edging…none of these have crossed my mind yet.  I can just imagine all you seasoned afghan makers cringing- sorry!  But I’m going to keep laying them out, and when they’re ready to be joined together, I’ll just “know”, I guess. I hope.  Maybe.


I’ve already completed my first two squares!  The following photos are crap- because the weather has been crap, which makes the natural light in my apartment crap!



My first square is from this pattern.  I changed the last few rows, because I wanted a more solid square.  I tend to ignore the advice to check gauge, etc: this is crocheted with Aran wool and a 5mm hook, and the finished square is about 8 inches.



Square two (which would NOT lie straight!) is from here.  I LOVE this pattern.  The instructions are clear to follow, and I love the colors the creator uses, too.


So…encourage me please!  I need a good, swift kick up the ass.  I WILL complete this.  I will try to dedicate a post a week to my latest square, and if I don’t, you have my permission to shout at me!


Happy Hooking!






4 thoughts on “Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It Blanket…the beginning

  1. LOVE your squares …just when I thought I really ought not to do ANOTHER blanket I see your beginnings & begin to wonder what if ??
    Consider your ass well & truly kicked I need to see more LOL


  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see your whole blanket. You can do it!

    I have knitted a blanket in that sort of way myself, except less formally. I kept starting knitting projects and losing interest, so whenever I lost interest I would just cast off and sew what I had to my blanket! It has half-finished scarves, one side of a tank top, a piece of a sock I was knitting, and lots of other miscellaneous knitting for knitting’s sake rectangles. I am actually sitting under it right now!

    It is so cosy and so big because I never thought of it as a project I was working on, so it just happened by itself.


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