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Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It…square three!

I know…I know…I’ve neglected this poor blog over the past fortnight.  My son turned five, and I’ve had a whole-class party to organize.  It’s a wonder I’ve stayed sane!

So…back to it.  May I present…drum roll please…Square Three of The Sensible One’s blanket!


Yup- I’m aware it’s a little curlful…I figured that it should be ok once it’s attached to a zillion others!

I used this pattern, which was very easy to follow.  A pretty good job, as my phone screen is now smashed to pieces following another “Clutzy Cow moment including a piece of drawing paper and a slidey wooden floor…I shit you not!

I crocheted two rows of the hdc, ch1 thingy that I’ve been doing all the way though.


This square measures about 12 inches across.  So if anyone has any tips on how to join different sized squares without getting pissed off and starting to throw things, please let me know in the comments area below…I need to prepare!


Happy Hooking!



Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It Blanket…the beginning

I’ve always been drawn to the “square a day”, or “square a week” type projects.  The ever-growing pile of squares must evoke such a sense of achievement, and I like the fact that the blankets are made up of several (hundred in some case!) “Mini-Projects”…perfect for working on while on the bus, bored at work, or during a 4 hour wait at A and E (accident prone?  Moi?)


I could spend hours looking at projects such as thisthis and this.


I run into problems, however, with the “one a week”, or “one a day” thing.  Some days I can spend twelve straight hours crocheting, then life, chaos, cats or trips to A and E get in the way, and I may not pick up my hook for a week!


Hence the “Whenever I feel like it” title of this project.  I’ll aim to complete at least one square a week- and if I don’t…then…meh!  It’ll get finished eventually!  It better had…this blanket is a request from The Sensible One, so she needs it sometime in the next century…


Number of squares, joining, borders, edging…none of these have crossed my mind yet.  I can just imagine all you seasoned afghan makers cringing- sorry!  But I’m going to keep laying them out, and when they’re ready to be joined together, I’ll just “know”, I guess. I hope.  Maybe.


I’ve already completed my first two squares!  The following photos are crap- because the weather has been crap, which makes the natural light in my apartment crap!



My first square is from this pattern.  I changed the last few rows, because I wanted a more solid square.  I tend to ignore the advice to check gauge, etc: this is crocheted with Aran wool and a 5mm hook, and the finished square is about 8 inches.



Square two (which would NOT lie straight!) is from here.  I LOVE this pattern.  The instructions are clear to follow, and I love the colors the creator uses, too.


So…encourage me please!  I need a good, swift kick up the ass.  I WILL complete this.  I will try to dedicate a post a week to my latest square, and if I don’t, you have my permission to shout at me!


Happy Hooking!