A Tribute To Jess

Losing a beloved pet can be heart wrenching..

Someone very dear to me- the beautiful being known as The Sensible One- had to say goodbye to her beautiful cat earlier on in the year. Devastated doesn’t even come close.  To  have to make the oh-so-difficult decision between prolonging the pain of someone who relies on you, who trusts you- or ending her life, is something many of us- me included, cannot even comprehend.

I can take her hand and refuse to let it go.



I can hold her while she cries. Somehow, it never seems enough. I want to actually take it from her; to suffer it myself, so that she can have even a day without the pain.

What I did do- a tiny, insignificant thing- was decide to make her a special blanket as a tribute, if you like..something she could see every day and remember beautiful Jess…


I used the “Sophie’s Universe” pattern from This fab site, up to round 33, then crocheted an adapted version of the “butterfly band” from the same pattern. A simple spike-stitch border seemed to finish it off perfectly.

My friend picked the colors herself. She wanted white, like Jess’ fur, and she originally asked fo blue and gold as accent colors, to match her eyes. I used a gold crochet thread together with the blue, because I couldn’t find a gold yarn that seemed “perfect” enough.

And it HAD to be perfect. Usually I can forgive myself the odd mistake when I’m crocheting. Mistakes are easy to hide, and invisible to anyone but me.

Not with this. If I made a mistake, if I found I’d miscounted a row, I frogged it and redid what I’d ripped out.

I spent quite a few sleepless nights working on it. I was happy to do so. My sleepless nights are nothing compared to hers.

And here it is…a (hopefully) fitting tribute to Jess.sophie

And…although Jess will never be replaced…The Sensible One’s heart has slowly started to heal- with the help of these two little bundles of joy…



2 thoughts on “A Tribute To Jess

  1. No words for this beautiful tribute to Jess, written by a very special friend who is also dear to me. Thank you so so much x I read it aloud and had to pause a few times. I’m so thankful and you did Jess proud. What an inspirational read it warmed my heart. X

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