Woolly Hugs…From Heart To Hook

Before I start banging on about another new project, I’d like to apologize.  I’ve neglected this blog terribly…life got in the way, I suppose!

When I’m not crocheting, singing, or making a mess, I like to browse Mumsnet.  For those who don’t know, it’s a parenting forum with no swear filter- yay!!! I’ve posted there a few times, but I generally just browse, and make a nuisance of myself  on other people’s threads.

And it was during a 3am browse that I came across Woolly Hugs.

Woolly Hugs is a community which makes blankets for those who need, well, a woolly hug!  Past projects have included blankets for refugees, craft fundraisers for charities such as MIND, and a blanket for the children of Jo Cox, the life of whom was cut so tragically short last year.

Such a beautiful and worthy cause.  The two ladies who run it seem to never sleep!  On the Latest Mumsnet Thread, there are details of the latest project: blankets for people who are suffering from cancer.

Everyone who knows me know this is a subject close to my heart; both from my own brush with The Dreaded C, and through losing people to it.

I can’t cure cancer.  I can’t bring back those I have lost.  I now, however, have the opportunity to give a little bit- just a tiny bit- of comfort to those suffering now.

I’ll be making another Sophie’s Universe, and with every stitch I’ll feel as if I am saying a big “Fuck You” to cancer.

My other projects will be put aside- I need to put my all into this.

Would you like to help?  It doesn’t have to be a whole blanket- individual squares are always welcome.  Both the website and the Mumsnet thread have details regarding sizes, materials, etc.

Is there a square you’re just itching to try? That one pattern which may have caught your eye that you like the look of? This may be the time to try it!

Could you help in other ways? Yarn, or donations to buy yarn, would be gratefully accepted too.

You can find out what they need, where to post, how, why and hippo (just checking you’re still reading!) here and here.  Warning, if you click on the facebook link, you will be met by such an array of color, it may temporarily blind you- it’s fantastic!

Oh, and hop onto the Mumsnet thread…it’s a scream!  I’ve been refreshing my browser every two minutes just to catch up!


Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It…square three!

I know…I know…I’ve neglected this poor blog over the past fortnight.  My son turned five, and I’ve had a whole-class party to organize.  It’s a wonder I’ve stayed sane!

So…back to it.  May I present…drum roll please…Square Three of The Sensible One’s blanket!


Yup- I’m aware it’s a little curlful…I figured that it should be ok once it’s attached to a zillion others!

I used this pattern, which was very easy to follow.  A pretty good job, as my phone screen is now smashed to pieces following another “Clutzy Cow moment including a piece of drawing paper and a slidey wooden floor…I shit you not!

I crocheted two rows of the hdc, ch1 thingy that I’ve been doing all the way though.


This square measures about 12 inches across.  So if anyone has any tips on how to join different sized squares without getting pissed off and starting to throw things, please let me know in the comments area below…I need to prepare!


Happy Hooking!


Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It Blanket…the beginning

I’ve always been drawn to the “square a day”, or “square a week” type projects.  The ever-growing pile of squares must evoke such a sense of achievement, and I like the fact that the blankets are made up of several (hundred in some case!) “Mini-Projects”…perfect for working on while on the bus, bored at work, or during a 4 hour wait at A and E (accident prone?  Moi?)


I could spend hours looking at projects such as thisthis and this.


I run into problems, however, with the “one a week”, or “one a day” thing.  Some days I can spend twelve straight hours crocheting, then life, chaos, cats or trips to A and E get in the way, and I may not pick up my hook for a week!


Hence the “Whenever I feel like it” title of this project.  I’ll aim to complete at least one square a week- and if I don’t…then…meh!  It’ll get finished eventually!  It better had…this blanket is a request from The Sensible One, so she needs it sometime in the next century…


Number of squares, joining, borders, edging…none of these have crossed my mind yet.  I can just imagine all you seasoned afghan makers cringing- sorry!  But I’m going to keep laying them out, and when they’re ready to be joined together, I’ll just “know”, I guess. I hope.  Maybe.


I’ve already completed my first two squares!  The following photos are crap- because the weather has been crap, which makes the natural light in my apartment crap!



My first square is from this pattern.  I changed the last few rows, because I wanted a more solid square.  I tend to ignore the advice to check gauge, etc: this is crocheted with Aran wool and a 5mm hook, and the finished square is about 8 inches.



Square two (which would NOT lie straight!) is from here.  I LOVE this pattern.  The instructions are clear to follow, and I love the colors the creator uses, too.


So…encourage me please!  I need a good, swift kick up the ass.  I WILL complete this.  I will try to dedicate a post a week to my latest square, and if I don’t, you have my permission to shout at me!


Happy Hooking!






A Tribute To Jess

Losing a beloved pet can be heart wrenching..

Someone very dear to me- the beautiful being known as The Sensible One- had to say goodbye to her beautiful cat earlier on in the year. Devastated doesn’t even come close.  To  have to make the oh-so-difficult decision between prolonging the pain of someone who relies on you, who trusts you- or ending her life, is something many of us- me included, cannot even comprehend.

I can take her hand and refuse to let it go.



I can hold her while she cries. Somehow, it never seems enough. I want to actually take it from her; to suffer it myself, so that she can have even a day without the pain.

What I did do- a tiny, insignificant thing- was decide to make her a special blanket as a tribute, if you like..something she could see every day and remember beautiful Jess…


I used the “Sophie’s Universe” pattern from This fab site, up to round 33, then crocheted an adapted version of the “butterfly band” from the same pattern. A simple spike-stitch border seemed to finish it off perfectly.

My friend picked the colors herself. She wanted white, like Jess’ fur, and she originally asked fo blue and gold as accent colors, to match her eyes. I used a gold crochet thread together with the blue, because I couldn’t find a gold yarn that seemed “perfect” enough.

And it HAD to be perfect. Usually I can forgive myself the odd mistake when I’m crocheting. Mistakes are easy to hide, and invisible to anyone but me.

Not with this. If I made a mistake, if I found I’d miscounted a row, I frogged it and redid what I’d ripped out.

I spent quite a few sleepless nights working on it. I was happy to do so. My sleepless nights are nothing compared to hers.

And here it is…a (hopefully) fitting tribute to Jess.sophie

And…although Jess will never be replaced…The Sensible One’s heart has slowly started to heal- with the help of these two little bundles of joy…


When is a square not a square?

When it’s crocheted by me, that’s when!



I’ve been crocheting for four years now. I’ve successfully followed patterns labelled “Advanced”, and I’ve been fine.

So why does the simple “giant granny square” never look like an actual square when I do it?

The above is a WIP for a dog blanket for my friend. Eleven more rounds to go before the border.

See how pointy the ends look?

I know, from past experience, that it will look fine once I put the border on. It sort of “Squares up” then.

It’s the in-between part that I don’t get.

I wonder if it’s the technique I use. I tend to use my fingers to guide the hook through the stitches- not the hook itself. So, for example, if I’m “pulling up a loop” I do so by lifting the first loop over the head of the cochet hook with myfingers, instead of using the hook to guide it through that loop. Hope this makes sense.

As I said before, it makes no difference to the finished poduct: it just means that I can’t do any “nice” progress photos for this blanket.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Posting From My Second Home…

So…it started off so well…me and The Sensible One pooling creative ideas. We found this…


How awesome would it be to transfer this pattern to a baby sweater…baby hat…baby anything! Of course, it took a while for the ideas to flow- a fair few hours, actually. And you can’t have idea-flow without wine-flow?

Which will explain where I went wrong…

Which will explain why I was suddenly sniffing kerb from WAY too close…

Which will explain why I am now on one of my regular trips to A&E with a busted ankle! I’m more pissed off than in pain to be honest…they cut off my leggings!!! And not in a funky, cool, “I did them on purpose” cutoff…one of my legs is now clad in ass-to-ankle black Lycra, the other is a capri pant!!!! What’s that all about then? I’ve been known to wear my onesie on the school run- and rock it!- but even I couldn’t wear this look…one leg off and one leg on. Like a drunken Diddle Diddle Dumpling!!!!

Oh well! I’m sure you all know what waiting times are like in A&E on a Sunday…so plenty of time to crochet a huuuuuuge chunk of the baby blanket I’m working on, which matches the “bumblebee” set! And The Sensible One will laugh her ass off in the morning…one thing she never gets with me is bored.

I will post some WIP photos in the morning. Right now, I need to pose for some photos of my own…as if I don’t know what my ankle bone looks like from the inside by now!

Should I be worried that the A&E receptionist knows me by name?

And…it was worth it for the time I got with The Sensible One. I will valiantly take this one for both of us babe! 😁

Hooked On Netflix

I finally justified the cost of Netflix!

Well…in my own head anyway! Hang on…beep beep, Skrybal…back up a little. So, the eventual “Plan” is to open an Etsy store and start selling our goods. But, in order to do this, we need to have goods to sell, huh? I’ve been appointed “Head of the Crochet Department”. (Well, ok, so my partner in crime can’t crochet, so I really didn’t have a choice…but she paints THE cutest bees ever)….


Meet Derek The Bee!

Crocheting enough stock will involve sitting on my butt for hours at a time. Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t sit on my butt for five SECONDS (27 being my record…we counted!) So…what to do?

Binge-watch crappy TV of course! Crocheting goes a lot faster when you’re simultaneously screaming at the TV, “Oh, for crying out loud, the killer’s the one in the yellow hat!” while crocheting, erm…a yellow hat!

Watching the Emmerdale Omnibus yesterday, I produced this…


LOVING this stitch at the moment. It works up quickly, and I can feel it easily. Being registered blind, I need some sort of reference point when I crochet. I can’t see individual stitches unless I look REAL closely. So obviously, sock yarn and matchstick-sized hooks are out! And bright, migraine-inducing yarn is totally IN! With this stitch, the place I need to put my hook is obvious even to me. It’s a variation of the moss stitch (Fab tutorial here), but with half double stitches instead of single crochet. And the colors are just…me!

I’ll be shortly writing a proper “Hi there!” post…but I never do things in order. For now…happy hooking!