Hi there! Skrybal here!

So, what can I tell you about me? I’m a mom of two little darlings- or little sods, depending on what kind of mood they’re in! I’m messy, loud, clumsy and yarn-obsessed…luckily I have a better half who picks up after me, will happily drive to A&E at 3am, and (most of the time) puts up with me singing in my sleep and leaving chaos- and usually a trail of yarn- everywhere I go!

I’ll call this a crochet blog, because that’s what I’ll be mostly blogging about but I’ll inevitably post bits and bobs whenever they spring to mind, because I’m actually unable to keep things in once they pop into my head! I’m registered blind, and what I lack in sight, I make up for in mouth…so it all balances out!

I must warn you…every now and then the odd swearword may creep in. I’ll try my best to control my language- but I may slip up. Just to let you know!