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Woolly Hugs…From Heart To Hook

Before I start banging on about another new project, I’d like to apologize.  I’ve neglected this blog terribly…life got in the way, I suppose!

When I’m not crocheting, singing, or making a mess, I like to browse Mumsnet.  For those who don’t know, it’s a parenting forum with no swear filter- yay!!! I’ve posted there a few times, but I generally just browse, and make a nuisance of myself  on other people’s threads.

And it was during a 3am browse that I came across Woolly Hugs.

Woolly Hugs is a community which makes blankets for those who need, well, a woolly hug!  Past projects have included blankets for refugees, craft fundraisers for charities such as MIND, and a blanket for the children of Jo Cox, the life of whom was cut so tragically short last year.

Such a beautiful and worthy cause.  The two ladies who run it seem to never sleep!  On the Latest Mumsnet Thread, there are details of the latest project: blankets for people who are suffering from cancer.

Everyone who knows me know this is a subject close to my heart; both from my own brush with The Dreaded C, and through losing people to it.

I can’t cure cancer.  I can’t bring back those I have lost.  I now, however, have the opportunity to give a little bit- just a tiny bit- of comfort to those suffering now.

I’ll be making another Sophie’s Universe, and with every stitch I’ll feel as if I am saying a big “Fuck You” to cancer.

My other projects will be put aside- I need to put my all into this.

Would you like to help?  It doesn’t have to be a whole blanket- individual squares are always welcome.  Both the website and the Mumsnet thread have details regarding sizes, materials, etc.

Is there a square you’re just itching to try? That one pattern which may have caught your eye that you like the look of? This may be the time to try it!

Could you help in other ways? Yarn, or donations to buy yarn, would be gratefully accepted too.

You can find out what they need, where to post, how, why and hippo (just checking you’re still reading!) here and here.  Warning, if you click on the facebook link, you will be met by such an array of color, it may temporarily blind you- it’s fantastic!

Oh, and hop onto the Mumsnet thread…it’s a scream!  I’ve been refreshing my browser every two minutes just to catch up!