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Square-When-I-Feel-Like-It…square three!

I know…I know…I’ve neglected this poor blog over the past fortnight.  My son turned five, and I’ve had a whole-class party to organize.  It’s a wonder I’ve stayed sane!

So…back to it.  May I present…drum roll please…Square Three of The Sensible One’s blanket!


Yup- I’m aware it’s a little curlful…I figured that it should be ok once it’s attached to a zillion others!

I used this pattern, which was very easy to follow.  A pretty good job, as my phone screen is now smashed to pieces following another “Clutzy Cow moment including a piece of drawing paper and a slidey wooden floor…I shit you not!

I crocheted two rows of the hdc, ch1 thingy that I’ve been doing all the way though.


This square measures about 12 inches across.  So if anyone has any tips on how to join different sized squares without getting pissed off and starting to throw things, please let me know in the comments area below…I need to prepare!


Happy Hooking!



Posting From My Second Home…

So…it started off so well…me and The Sensible One pooling creative ideas. We found this…


How awesome would it be to transfer this pattern to a baby sweater…baby hat…baby anything! Of course, it took a while for the ideas to flow- a fair few hours, actually. And you can’t have idea-flow without wine-flow?

Which will explain where I went wrong…

Which will explain why I was suddenly sniffing kerb from WAY too close…

Which will explain why I am now on one of my regular trips to A&E with a busted ankle! I’m more pissed off than in pain to be honest…they cut off my leggings!!! And not in a funky, cool, “I did them on purpose” cutoff…one of my legs is now clad in ass-to-ankle black Lycra, the other is a capri pant!!!! What’s that all about then? I’ve been known to wear my onesie on the school run- and rock it!- but even I couldn’t wear this look…one leg off and one leg on. Like a drunken Diddle Diddle Dumpling!!!!

Oh well! I’m sure you all know what waiting times are like in A&E on a Sunday…so plenty of time to crochet a huuuuuuge chunk of the baby blanket I’m working on, which matches the “bumblebee” set! And The Sensible One will laugh her ass off in the morning…one thing she never gets with me is bored.

I will post some WIP photos in the morning. Right now, I need to pose for some photos of my own…as if I don’t know what my ankle bone looks like from the inside by now!

Should I be worried that the A&E receptionist knows me by name?

And…it was worth it for the time I got with The Sensible One. I will valiantly take this one for both of us babe! 😁