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Posting From My Second Home…

So…it started off so well…me and The Sensible One pooling creative ideas. We found this…


How awesome would it be to transfer this pattern to a baby sweater…baby hat…baby anything! Of course, it took a while for the ideas to flow- a fair few hours, actually. And you can’t have idea-flow without wine-flow?

Which will explain where I went wrong…

Which will explain why I was suddenly sniffing kerb from WAY too close…

Which will explain why I am now on one of my regular trips to A&E with a busted ankle! I’m more pissed off than in pain to be honest…they cut off my leggings!!! And not in a funky, cool, “I did them on purpose” cutoff…one of my legs is now clad in ass-to-ankle black Lycra, the other is a capri pant!!!! What’s that all about then? I’ve been known to wear my onesie on the school run- and rock it!- but even I couldn’t wear this look…one leg off and one leg on. Like a drunken Diddle Diddle Dumpling!!!!

Oh well! I’m sure you all know what waiting times are like in A&E on a Sunday…so plenty of time to crochet a huuuuuuge chunk of the baby blanket I’m working on, which matches the “bumblebee” set! And The Sensible One will laugh her ass off in the morning…one thing she never gets with me is bored.

I will post some WIP photos in the morning. Right now, I need to pose for some photos of my own…as if I don’t know what my ankle bone looks like from the inside by now!

Should I be worried that the A&E receptionist knows me by name?

And…it was worth it for the time I got with The Sensible One. I will valiantly take this one for both of us babe! 😁


Hooked On Netflix

I finally justified the cost of Netflix!

Well…in my own head anyway! Hang on…beep beep, Skrybal…back up a little. So, the eventual “Plan” is to open an Etsy store and start selling our goods. But, in order to do this, we need to have goods to sell, huh? I’ve been appointed “Head of the Crochet Department”. (Well, ok, so my partner in crime can’t crochet, so I really didn’t have a choice…but she paints THE cutest bees ever)….


Meet Derek The Bee!

Crocheting enough stock will involve sitting on my butt for hours at a time. Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t sit on my butt for five SECONDS (27 being my record…we counted!) So…what to do?

Binge-watch crappy TV of course! Crocheting goes a lot faster when you’re simultaneously screaming at the TV, “Oh, for crying out loud, the killer’s the one in the yellow hat!” while crocheting, erm…a yellow hat!

Watching the Emmerdale Omnibus yesterday, I produced this…


LOVING this stitch at the moment. It works up quickly, and I can feel it easily. Being registered blind, I need some sort of reference point when I crochet. I can’t see individual stitches unless I look REAL closely. So obviously, sock yarn and matchstick-sized hooks are out! And bright, migraine-inducing yarn is totally IN! With this stitch, the place I need to put my hook is obvious even to me. It’s a variation of the moss stitch (Fab tutorial here), but with half double stitches instead of single crochet. And the colors are just…me!

I’ll be shortly writing a proper “Hi there!” post…but I never do things in order. For now…happy hooking!