This is a page wholly dedicated to squares.  I’ll be using a load of these in my second Woolly Hugs blanket.  They can be joined together to make a blanket, used individually as washcloths, coasters, novelty postage stamps…the list is endless!


The Classic Granny Square

You can’t go wrong with this one.  Plus, if you crochet a giant one and you have a cat like mine, he’ll get tangled in it regularly, and you’ll always know where to find him!  Bonus!


A few more…


This site has links to various patterns- just click on the pictures. (Or don’r…entirely up to you!)


A few more…


About a zillion of the Daisy squares look mint when put together for a blanket…I’ve done it!



And an absolute SHITLOAD more!


LOVE this site!  I have tried many of these patterns- fantastic!